Creating Projects

After creating your CineSend account, create a project folder in which you'll store your film's DCPs and files. You can add multiple projects as your film library grows. 

In this article:

Create your first project

The project is where you’ll store your film’s DCPs and files. Within the project page, you’ll be able to create your own folders to organize your content however suits you best. 

Upload a poster

What sets CineSend apart from other content management platforms is the ability to store your film’s high-volume content in one secure place, whether they be DCPs, video files, press releases or more. 

To add a visual element to your project page, why not upload a poster? Simply select the triple-dot icon on the project thumbnail and select 'Update Poster' to add the poster image. 

Add the details

Within your project page, add your film’s metadata under the "Details" tab, such as runtime, plot description, and credits; this information can be included with preview screeners.