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CineSend screeners are a secure way to share your film with festivals, juries, and distributors online - without the risk of illegal downloading or sharing thanks to PiracyDetectorâ„¢ technology. This article will explain how to send a screener and keep track of recipients. Also in this section: learn about watermarking and PiracyDetectorâ„¢, viewer analytics, and Screener Rooms. 

In this article we'll learn how to:

Encode a low-resolution in-app preview

Immediately after uploading a new video file, a low-resolution internal preview will be encoded. The time it takes to encode should be less than the runtime of the video. With this low-res preview, you will be able to watch your video files from beginning to end, all within your account. 

To access this internal video player, simply click on your video file. 

Access your screener page and encode a high-resolution screener

There are two ways to access your screener page - upon selecting the file and opening the internal video player, select "Share" at the top right...

... or select the triple-dot icon to the right of the file, followed by "Share" and "Share as a streaming screener". 

On the screener landing page, you will see a message over the video player asking you to create a secure high-resolution screener. This hi-res screener is what you will be sending to your contacts. Select "Encode Content" to start the encoding process. 

You will then see a message informing you that the encoding process has begun. For a feature-length film, this process should last a few hours at the most. If you find the encoding process is taking longer than usual, ask our Support Team for help. 

Send your screener

Create a shareable link

Once the hi-res screener encoding has completed, select "Send Screener" to begin sharing. You'll have the option to share with one or multiple people via emails, or you can create a shareable link to copy and paste.

Share by email

Enter the recipient's name and email. If you would like to send multiple emails at once, select "Add Another Reviewer" to type in more emails. Too many to type in manually? Select "Download CSV Template" with our pre-set formatting, add your reviewers' contact information, and re-upload the CSV. Select "Next: Sharing Options". 

Passwords and watermarking

Users on our paid subscription plans have access to unique added security features, including optional password protection and custom watermarking - find out more about these security features in our next article. 

To enable these features, check off "Enable password" and enter your chosen password. 

Select "Enable" in the watermarking field, and enter your chosen watermark text. You can set the text opacity and size as you see fit. 

If you wish, you can add a custom email message. When you're done, select "Send Preview Links" to send it off. 

Keep track of your reviewers

After you've created a shareable screener URL or sent a screener via email, your reviewer information will appear below the video player. You can easily see which security features are enabled for each, along with when they were created, their expiry status (if set), and when they last viewed the screener. If you are a paid subscriber, you will also be able to track their individual viewing habits through heat map technology. 

Buy more reviewer credits

If you've run out of screener credits, you can buy more through "My Settings". Select the account holder's name at the top right, followed by "My Settings". Under your storage usage you will see "Screener Links". Select "Purchase More Links", select the number of credits you want, and then select "Purchase" to complete. 

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