Does the CSX device cost money to the exhibitor?
If you are a commercial cinema, there is no cost to you. The CSX device is provided for free by CineSend and carries no monthly fees or initial setup costs. 

Do I need a CSX for each screen/projector?
You only need one CSX device regardless of how many screens/projectors you have at your cinema. The CSX will connect to each screen over a network connection to allow for ingest to each playback server.

Does it cost money to receive feature content through the CSX system?
No. The studio or distributor pays to send feature content to you through the CSX system.

Will this eventually start costing money/fees?
Receiving feature DCP content booked by a studio or distributor will always be free to the exhibitor. We may offer some add-on features that would come with a fee, but these would be optional and not affect the primary function of the receiver.

What speed internet do I need at my cinema?
Typically, the minimum internet speed to qualify for a CSX is 50Mbps (download), but the faster the better! You can check your internet speed here.

How long does it take for a feature DCP to download via CSX?
Delivery time depends on the size of the DCP and the speed of your internet connection. Here are some rough estimates for a typical feature DCP at different internet speeds:

  • 50Mbps - 4.5hrs
  • 100Mbps - 2.5hrs
  • 500Mbps - 30min
  • 1Gbps - 14min

If a download is running, will I still be able to use my internet to do other things?
Yes. The CSX will be configured with a maximum download speed that is less than the speed of your connection so that you always have capacity for other business systems.

Can the CSX be set to only download at night?
Yes. It's possible to configure "time of day" restrictions to specify when downloads are allowed to run. This is most useful if you have a slower internet connection.

Who installs the CSX?
If you or someone at your cinema is tech savvy, we can walk you through the installation of your CSX over the phone. If you'd prefer to have an installer come to your theatre to assist, we can arrange an installation through your regular digital cinema service provider.

What happens once content has finished transferring to my CSX?
Once content has been delivered to your CSX, you ingest the content onto your playback server/projector like usual. Instead of ingesting from a drive, you select the CSX as your ingest source.

Am I notified when new content has been delivered to my CSX?
Yes, you can set up e-mail notifications to let you know once deliveries have started and finished.

How many movies fit on the CSX?
Single screen locations are set up with a CSX that can hold roughly 100 feature films. Multiplex locations are outfitted with a high-capacity CSX that can hold roughly 200 feature films.

How do I get my KDMs?
You'll continue to receive your keys like normal from Deluxe, CineSend, or whoever else is managing keys for each particular film.

What happens to my regular drive delivery and pickup?
Nothing right now. Content that is booked by distributors through CineSend will be delivered via your CSX. All other content will continue to arrive like normal. The CineSend CSX system is unrelated to your regular physical drive delivery, and you will continue to receive content and pickups per your agreement with them. 

Is internet required for me to play content that comes via the CSX?
No. Internet is only used to download the content onto your CSX. Once DCPs have finished transferring, you can ingest them onto your playback server like normal.

Can content be downloaded while another movie is playing?
Yes. The CSX device runs independently of your playback equipment and does not affect playback in any way. You can choose when you want to ingest content from your CSX onto your playback server/projector.

What happens if I have to shift a showtime due to a schedule change?
The CSX delivery system just replaces the hard drive delivery process. Any showtime changes need to be arranged with distributors or KDM issuers exactly the same as today.

What happens if a CSX delivery won't be done in time for my screening?
If your CSX delivery isn't working because of an internet outage, slow line, or any other problem, you will receive a hard drive backup in time for your screening.

Is the CSX receiver only for feature DCPs?
No, you can send any DCP content to a CSX, including short films, trailers, advertisements, anything as long as the content is formatted as a DCP.

I'm ready to get a CSX. What do I need to do next?
If you're interested in installing a CSX receiver in your venue, please contact hello@cinesend.com.