Getting Started with the CSX

If you have recently installed a CSX at your venue, thank you, and welcome to the CineSend family.

As more studios and independent distributors start using CineSend, you will start receiving more content through your CSX. If it is unclear who you will be getting CSX deliveries from, please reach out to your booking contacts. 

You will be notified by email when DCPs are being delivered to your CSX receiver. When DCP content downloads are complete, you can ingest the content as you normally would through your server.

If you have your CSX receiver but have yet to install it at your venue, or if you're unclear how to ingest content from your CSX, you can follow this link for installation and configuration instructions.

Once you've completed installation of your CSX, you can download, print and post the following support document, which contains Emergency Contacts and Troubleshooting Tips:


To manage content and settings on your CSX, you will require access to CineSend Venues

If you do not have access to CineSend Venues, or require information on how to use CineSend Venues or your CSX, please contact or your CineSend Account Manager.

If you're interested in installing a CSX receiver in your venue, please contact Feel free to read our FAQ that may answer any questions you have about the CSX.