3. Selecting Cinemas

Here you choose the Cinemas you wish to send your DCP content to. Individual cinema screens can also be managed here. Start by clicking the red “Add Cinemas” button.

Search for the cinemas you wish to add to your campaign by using a keyword, for example; "Toronto". You can click to add as many cinemas as you like. When you’ve added cinemas, click the red “Add Cinemas” button below.

The cinemas will be added to the Selected Cinemas window in your campaign. If you like, you can save this list of cinemas as a template to be used for future campaigns. Click the Save as New Template button on the top to do this. The next time you create a new campaign, click the Load Template button to load that template.

If the cinema is equipped with an electronic digital cinema receiver, the delivery method will be listed as 'Electronic'; otherwise, it will be listed as 'Hard Drive'.

Clicking the 'v' button for that cinema will open a sub-window where you can specify the screen and override the start and end date you set at the start.

Click the 'Remove' button if you wish to remove that cinema from your Campaign.

Click the red “Next” button once you complete this step.

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