Subscriptions: Creating, Viewing, Adjusting

In order for patrons to access your virtual event's content you have the option to offer Vouchers and/or Subscriptions.  A subscription (or pass) will allow a patron access to either all of your content or specific groupings of content.  A patron accessing your Patron Portal as a subscriber logs in with their email address and password (or in the case of a TVapp they'll pair their device) and arrives on the subscriber view page where they can browse through all of the titles available to them using an interface similar to other popular streaming services (ie. Netflix, Hulu, etc).  The subscriber (or patron) can select a title to arrive on that event's landing page which includes details and access to the content which may include a primary video, a trailer, a scheduled live stream, or pre-recorded bonus material.

If you are using a ticketing solution to sell subscriptions (or passes) to your event, their system will communicate with the CineSend On Demand system to create the subscriber with their subscription automatically as part of their transactional process.  In addition to, or instead of, you can manually generate subscriptions in your CineSend account and even import a csv file of subscriptions.   Please note, for ticketing solutions with a single sign on (SSO) integration you cannot manually add subscribers into your Cinesend account, they'll need to be added into your ticketing solution so that the SSO's password verification will work as intended.

Manually Generating Subscribers

Even if you are working with a ticketing system that is generating subscriptions with transactions, there may be times when you need to manually generate subscriptions yourself.  When you create a new subscriber, you’ll be creating for them an email invitation to log into your Patron Portal and set their own password. 

You can create a new subscriber by selecting the Invite Subscribers button, entering their name, email address, and selecting the subscriber type if necessary (more on that later). You can also enter a password for the subscriber, however in that case they do not get an email invitation to login and create their own.  Click the Add Row button if you want to create more subscribers. 

Manually Importing Subscribers

If you have a large number of subscribers to enter (for example a membership or donor program list), you can choose to import them from a csv file.  Click the Invite Subscribers button, choose the subscription type, and then click the "Import by CSV" button.  You'll be presented with a window with instructions and an "Upload CSV" button.  If your subscriber already exists, the import will update their subscriber account, adding in the subscription type to those they already have.   If you do not include a password column, new subscribers who are imported will get an invitation email to set up their password.  Existing subscribers whose accounts are updated do not get an invitation email, and can use the password they already have set for access.

Subscription Types

Please note:  Some interface updates have occurred since this article was written, although functionality remains the same.  Updates to this article coming shortly.

Subscription Types are an optional feature for use when you need to setup different content access for different types of subscribers.  For example you might be selling an All Access Pass that is entitled to see all of your content, but other less expensive types of passes are entitled to see only of a portion or segment of your content.  To create subscription types, navigate to Site Settings > Access > scroll down to the Subscribers area and click the "New +" button.  

Once you have created your subscription types, you can then add them to your videos/playlists/series via the Access sub menu for these assets.  This then defines which types of subscriptions can see that particular asset.   This is then important to assign to Subscribers when they are created, as well, so that they are given access (via the subscription type) they are entitled to.

Reviewing Existing Subscribers

After the subscriber has been created you can view it in the Subscribers area in your administrative portal, make changes if necessary and lookup the analytics of their viewing.  Use the Search field to locate the subscriber or select them from the list below.  The "Subscriptions" column will display any subscription types they have been assigned (if any).  The "Status" column will display Active if they have logged in and established their password, Invite Pending if they have not yet logged in, or Inactive if the subscriber has been deactivated.   With the vertical ellipsis at far right of each subscriber row you can add or update the subscription types, deactivate, or delete.  If the status is Invite Pending, you have the additional option to resend the email invite.

If you click on a subscriber you will see similar options and additionally you can set it to ignore any geoblocking restrictions, if necessary. You can also view any analytics for the subscriber by choosing the sub-menu option Sessions.

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