Troubleshooting your CSX

How do I access DCP content on the CSX?
You can access the content through your Cinema Server or TMS where you normally ingest DCP content.

Am I notified when new content has been delivered to my CSX?
Yes, you can set up email notifications to let you know once deliveries have started and finished.

Why am I not receiving any email notifications for my deliveries?
It's likely because your notifications have not been set up, or there is a typo in your email. This can be fixed with CineSend Venues. If you do not have access yet, please email

I received an email telling me content is available, but I can't find it on my CSX.
Double check the email specifically states the content was delivered to your CSX. If not, you may have received a download link not compatible with your CSX. You'll want to reach out to booking contact to rectify this. If so, double check to see if the content appears in your CineSend Venues web interface. You can also double check the connection to your server or TMS.

Why is my internet slow during downloads?
The CSX is configured with a maximum download speed that is less than the speed of your connection so that you always have capacity for other business systems. If your internet is impacted during downloads, the maximum download speed may be configured incorrectly; please contact our emergency helpline to correct it.

Why can’t I access the CSX through our Cinema Server or TMS?
Try turning your CSX receiver off then on again, and try un-plugging and re-plugging in the ethernet cables on the back. You can also check your network connections and cabling for any new issues. If still not connecting, email

How do I get my KDMs?
You'll continue to receive your keys like normal from whoever is managing keys for each particular film.

What happens if a CSX delivery won't be done in time for my screening?
If your CSX delivery isn't working because of an internet outage, slow line, or any other problem, you will receive a hard drive backup in time for your screening. Please contact our emergency helpline if this happens.

I think there is something wrong wth the DCP content I received, it's not ingesting/playing from my server.
A good place to start is to open your CineSend Venues web-portal and find the DCP in question in the main storage. Our CSX receiver is DCP-aware, meaning it quickly ingests the content after downloading to check for any corrupted assets. 

If there is any corrupted assets, it will be listed below the DCP, at which point you should email 
If not, the DCP will be listed as Valid. This means there is nothing wrong with the DCP, so there might be an issue on your end. Double check your network connections in case there is something happing during ingest. Try ingesting other content from the CSX to see if results are different. Double check your server for the most up to date software/firmware available. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please email for further assistance. 

Do not delete the content from the CSX unless otherwise stated by CineSend.

How do I remove content from the CSX?
You will require access to the CineSend Venues web-portal. If you do not have access yet, please email

You can also post this information in your booth by downloading the following document, which contains Emergency Contacts and Troubleshooting Tips: