Live Events

The LIVE EVENTS asset area can be used to set up Timed Screening events, Live Stream Only events, or Timed Screening with Live Stream events.  Create a Live Event by clicking the New button and adding the title of your live event.  You'll then use the sub-menu options to setup the type of event and details of the event.

On the sub-menu Configuration you'll set the type of live event it should be as well as who has access to this event.

Include Timed Screenings:  A Timed Screening is one where a video is presented at a specific date/time and each viewer of the screening is at the exact same place in the video.  For example, you're having an Opening Night timed screening Friday at 7pm.  If someone arrives late at 7:20pm and pushes the play button, their video player will pick up where all other audience members are currently - 20 minutes into the video.  It is as if they had walked into a movie theater 20 minutes late. 

Include Live Stream:  Enable this if either A) your Timed Screening will be accompanied by a Live Stream broadcast (for example a live, post screening Q & A) or B) if this live event will only have a Live Stream broadcast (for example an Opening Night Kickoff event).

Asset Access:   As with other assets (Videos, Playlists, TV Series), you'll use this section to enable access to vouchers (aka individual tickets) and/or Subscribers (aka Passholders).

On the sub-menu Metadata you can edit the event title, add an event description (this field supports HTML), and add data to any custom fields that you previously have setup in the SITE SETTINGS > Custom Fields area.

On the sub-menu Live (only visible if you included Live Stream on the configuration sub-menu) you can add a Live Stream event, set the title and date/time, and add Audience Interaction options.  Find more on setting up a Live Stream here

On the sub-menu Timed Screenings (only visible if you included Timed Screenings on the configuration sub-menu) you can add video content by clicking on the Add New Screening button, selecting a video and setting the date/time for the event.

On the sub-menu Artwork you will want to upload artwork that will appear on the event's landing page.   At minimum you will want a thumbnail image (1920w x 1080h pixels).  Optionally add a Featured (1920w x 1080h), Background (1920w x 1080h) and/or Poster image (600w x 900h pixels).   Additionally, a Presented By image can be uploaded (280 pixels wide, no height restrictions) and there is an optional URL field if you'd like the Presented By image to be a clickable link.

On the sub-menu Additional Assets you can add Pre-Roll insertions, a Trailer and/or Bonus content.

On the sub-menu Display Options you can add Call To Action links that will appear on the event's landing page as clickable links to a url you define.  For example a "More Information" call to action might link to a page on your own website or to some other website where supplemental information can be found.

Note on geoblocking for Live Events:  geoblocking does not work on live streams.  For timed screenings geoblocking lives on the asset itself.

Note on timed text tracks (captions / subtitles) for Timed Screenings:   Timed text tracks live on the video asset.

Note on accessibility:  Like all assets, in order for subscribers (aka passholders) to be able to see the Live Event on your patron portal or TVapps it will need to be included in a Category.

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