CineSend Help Center

CineSend Bookings

1. Getting Started

Start using Bookings by creating a new campaign

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2. Selecting Content

Find the DCP content to add to your campaign

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3. Selecting Cinemas

Pick the cinemas that will be receiving the DCP content

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4. Review and Launch

Review your campaign before paying and launching it

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5. Tracking Your Campaign

Track each order of your campaign from start to delivery

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CineSend Files

Getting Started

5 fundamentals you need to know to get started with CineSend

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Managing Projects

Create and manage projects to keep your files organized and your team on one page

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Uploading and Downloading

Everything you need to know about getting content in and out of your account

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Sharing Files

Share files or folders for people outside of your CineSend account to download

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Secure Screeners

Send screeners to festivals, juries, distributors and more

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Format Conversions

Convert between formats (ProRes, DCP, IMF, etc) and order physical formats too

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Plans & Billing

Change plans and add storage, view your past invoices, or update billing methods

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Tips & Tricks

Become an expert with curated tips and tricks, and recommended specs for files

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CineSend On Demand (Virtual Festival)


Tips, tricks, and handy things to know

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CineSend CSX Cinema Hardware

1. Getting Started with CSX

Learn how to use and manage your CSX digital cinema receiver

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2. CineSend Venues

Learn how to manage content and change settings on your CSX digital cinema receiver

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3. CineSend Trailers

Learn how you to access CineSend Trailers to download trailers to your CSX or desktop

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4. FAQ

Common questions for Canadian cinema operators about the new CSX system

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5. Who To Contact

Find who to contact for support, keys, or more information

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